Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guadalajara to here. finding falafel in Mexico

 Another month!  and the times I have had in that month!

I left Guadalajara with goodbyes to new friends,  and preparation to say hellos to even newer ones

I thought this to be really cool:  every  sunday in Guadalajara, a main street is totally closed off to cars. The day is called recreation day, and thousands upon thousands of people are ridingh bikes, running, walking, rolarblading and having a blast! 

 My next destination was DF -- Mexico City
To get to DF I was going to have to go through the "most dangerous" state in Mexico, Mitchocan.  was it really a risk as it sounded?

The first night after Guadalajara found me sneaking into an un occupied lot along the edge of Chapala Lake (the largest lake in Mexico), to camp.
prior to camping that night I had been at the  water experimenting with a new fruit-vegtable-thing called chyote. The person that I had bought it from assured me that I could eat it raw; I found it to be discustingly bitter and could not believe that people eat this thing.   Only when a man took pity on me and offered me some food did I discover that I had been had; the  chyote must be cooked, and then it is delicious.

Day two saw me ride to mazamitla, the last town in Jalisco before Mitchocan.  upon entering the town, I decided to seek out a internet cafe to find a hostal.  At this in ternet cafe a man was noticing my bicycle that I had left outside, I decided to make a sloppy introduction in Spanish.  I ended up getting a free and wonderful place to stay out of it, as well as make some good friends!
David, the youth of the family, and myself comparing bikes
With reccomendations from the Purkiss family, I made my way to Morellia with a bit more bus than bike, however, I met an avid cyclist of the area and soon had discovered that I had arrived in the gem of Mitchocan for riding.  That same day I arrived I started on my way towards some major hillclimbing and some  hotsprings.  I camped on the side of the road on the way up.  The hotsprings were nice, but even nicer was the  next day when I met Ruth family who took me in, and together we went to the monarc butterfly migration!  It was just amazing!!!  Branches BENDING because of the weight of butterflies!  how crazy!

branches bending!!

Ruth and the family!

After this I made my way to mexico city by bus, and met Martin and Isa in the bus station who were headed to the same place.

Upon arriving to DF, it was realized That I wanted to leave DF.
I stayed for three nights, and then went to Oaxaca by bus.
Martin and Isa in the Subway station

I took the night bus to Oaxaca and arrived in the morning, giving me all day to ride about, I made my way to the local ruins and decided I would camp out there.
Monte Alban

good morning Oaxaca!

The next day, by reccomendation of my cuz Denise, I checked out this Giant tree.  after which I continued riding to camp in the bushes 40 or so km later.

pretty dang big tree

The next day,  I continued on my way towards chiapas by bicycle.    the next few days entailed of my getting fed by strangers a whole lot more, getting given cold beers on the road, and doing mezcal tastings!  how fun!

good morning in the field of Agave

I stayed with a family 60 or so   km prior to selina cruz

After riding for near a week I arrived into Selina Cruz, what I thought would be a beautiful beach town, but it was actually just a port/oil refinery town!  I made a point to leave hastily.   I took a bus to san cristobal de las casas where I planned to chill out for a while.  woof, explore, and learn a bit of spanish.

I arrived!  and imediately upon arriving I went to work finding out about the woofing.  I was told I could work and get fed, but there was no room in the woofer dorm.  On my way out to maybe find a hostel, I met a girl who was telling me all about her cyclist friends in San Cristobal.  after a conversation, we went to a party for one of them, where I was almost imediately hooked up with a free place to stay, free bread, and some real cool cats for friends.  

for the next two weeks until now, I have been making great new friends, and meeting many old ones again.  It has been pretty magical!

Here are some pictures of San Cristobal de las casas and the farm!
Mary and Rodrigo

The Cathedral o n the hill was the only spot with sunlight on it

the view out of my windows!!   super beautiful!

Lizard on my pack!!

for the graff diggers!

I have made myself a cribboard! boy has it earned it's worth!!

For the first weekend two other woofers, Mary and Rodrigo from Chile, and I went to Palenkae to check out some ruins.  none of us really wanted to pay the entrance fee, which would have enabled us to see the main ruins, but I had been told that the resatored and main ruins were only three percent of the entire city, and that you were able to explore the jungle as well.
This  trek was amazing!  imagine, walking through on a path of what are visibly building blocks, and along all sides of the trail are falling walls, clear structures (or what were structures)  dripping into the dense of the jungle.
As well at Palenke, I met many friendswell at Palenke, I met many friends from prior experiences on my trip, along with some new ones as always.  In particular, I met Max from Belgum for a second time after Sayulita! 
the lost temple!   after walking through the jungle for more than two hours, we came accross it!!

 that crazy max as we climbed a waterfall

a beautiful waterfall!!

some mushrooms!

a second water fall!

the roling hills in the distance

So now that I am done here, I am headed to Guatemala,   checking out some old growth rainforests, more ruins..  ect!!!  Talk on the flip side!


  1. Awesome stuff man! What a sweet adventure =)
    Never tried to eat chayote raw, but it is definitely great fried with a bit of oil and garlic.

  2. Rob :)
    I am so happy that you are doing well and having such a SPECTACULAR experience!
    Buen viaje, te extraño mucho!
    - Emily.

  3. Wonderful commentary and pictures. I met you in the Olympic Peninsula. My wife and I (gray hairs) were traveling with friends. We're from Nashville, TN, and I'm involved in trying to develop biking infrastructure in Nashville.

  4. Rob,
    I am glad your trip is going so well. Sounds like you are having a great time. Your pictures are beautiful. Also, franschesca is doing lovely. She has carried me to work with no issues for the past few months.